USCIS Reaches FY 2014 H-1B Cap

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has reached the statutory H-1B cap of 65,000 for fiscal year (FY) 2014. USCIS will continue to accept and process petitions that are otherwise exempt from the cap. Petitions filed on behalf of current H-1B workers who have been counted previously against the cap will not be counted towards the congressionally-mandated FY 2014 H-1B cap. Read more here.

SCOTUS Rejects Alabama Immigration Law Appeal

The Supreme Court has rejected Alabama’s appeal to reinstate a controversial immigration law passed by the state. In particular, the Alabama law included a section that made it a crime to harbor people who are living in the country illegally. In a 8-1 vote, the Supreme Court ruled that enforcing immigration laws is not the job of the states, but rather the federal government. To read more, click here.

Immigration Reform Despite Boston Tragedy

The Boston Marathon bombings have hit particularly close to home. The tragedy has left the city and nation asking a myriad of questions – why did the attackers commit such a heinous crime, how did they carry this out, did they have help from third parties and most importantly, how can future terrorist attacks be prevented? Of particular concern for the immigrant community is how the tragedy will affect the new movement for immigration reform. Various writers have tackled this question: “A major question a week after the bombings was whether the Boston violence had slowed — or even derailed — momentum for the immigration overhaul. Early indications were that the legislative effort still appeared on track.” To continue reading, click here.