Deferred Action Applications Now Being Accepting

Individuals who demonstrate that they meet certain requirements may request consideration of deferred action for childhood arrivals for a period of two years, subject to renewal, and may be eligible for employment authorization. To learn more about the eligibility requirements, please call us at 978-905-9992 to schedule a free consultation.

Olympic Gymnast’s Story

The Summer Olympics of 2012 have brought together athletes, coaches, fans, and spectators from across the globe.  The U.S. is currently being represented by vast groups of immigrants, reflecting that our diversity is our strength.  This is especially the case with Danell Leyva, who won bronze for the U.S. in men’s gymnastics.  Danell entered the country without inspection but was able to adjust status under the Cuban Adjustment Act of 1966.  His story, and many others like his, can teach America about the merits of proper immigration reform and pathways for citizenship for the many undocumented individuals currently residing here.  To read more about this need for immigration reform as reflected in Danell, click here.